General Information
Fr. Alejandro C. Ignacio, Pastor

Director of RCIA: Deacon Robert Sesma
Pastoral Care Coordinator: Deacon Tom Ognibene
Office Manager - Kelley Aviles
Director of Religious Education: Kathy Alegria
Director of Teen: Kathy Alegria
Director of Environment: Edna DeLuca
Director of Weddings & Sacristian: Inez Castro
Lectors & Eucharistic Ministers: Cecelia Lingenfelter
Altar Servers: Debi Cooper
Grounds Keeper: Florensio Espinosa
Director of Music: GeeGee Villarama
Liturgical Schedule
Weekday Masses:

Monday through Friday at 8:00am in English

Lunes, Miercoles, Jueves a las 6:00pm Viernes a las 5:45

Vigil Mass at 4:00pm
Sacrament of Reconcilation (Confessions):
Friday 4:00pm
Sunday Masses:
7:00am - Early Risers
9:00am - Family Mass
11:00am - Children / Life Teen Mass
1:00pm. - Charismatic Mass
5:00pm - Spanish Mass
Education System


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